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Let go of old relationship wounds.

Somatic Experiencing and Couples Counseling in Austin, TX

Through Somatic Experiencing and couples counseling, I help my clients heal from their old relationship wounds so that they can be present and connected in their current relationships. Make an appointment with me today.

A lot of my clients have so much resilience inside them and have been successful in many ways.

Many of them are open to new adventures and opportunities that life presents them. But they still struggle like you do because relationships can be hard sometimes.

When they first come in for Somatic Experiencing Therapy and couples counseling, my clients have a lot of guilt and shame around how they’ve felt or acted in their relationships. They may have lashed out at someone they love in anger or found themselves completely shutting down and feeling unable to come out of their shell. They feel like they’re not this angry or closed off person and don’t know how to stop. Or they see their loved ones hurting and worry that there’s something missing inside them that would help them know what to do.

Maybe they fear that they’re going to be abandoned by this person that they know loves them and that they might drive them away.

Sometimes they wonder if there’s something wrong with them and they feel like they’re accountable for how their partner, friends, or family feel all the time.

They’re aware that this may have something to do with past wounds from old relationships with partners or parents that still haven’t healed and they want to move past this. Some of my clients are also just realizing parts of their past weren’t healthy even though they thought everything was fine.

Maybe they’ve tried traditional talk therapy in the past, which was helpful, and they’re ready to build on that and try something a little different like Somatic Experiencing Therapy.

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I am sex positive and work hard to create a nonjudgmental space for clients of all orientations and lifestyles. If you are struggling right now, please know that you don't have to feel this way!

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Through an approach that integrates mind and body, using techniques from Somatic Experiencing I can help you slow down in the moments when you feel triggered, so that you are less reactive, opening up more choices in how you respond. Slowing down also allows for more insight to where these beliefs you hold about yourself come from, allowing opportunities for healing. And trust me, it’s okay to slow down. Somatic Experiencing techniques work well in individual and couples counseling sessions.

Like my clients, you deserve to have peace and happiness in your relationships. There is nothing wrong with you. Letting go of past wounds is not out of your reach. If you want to be able to show up as your authentic self in your day to day life and in your relationships, I’d love to help you get there. Please check out my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page to learn more. 

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